Good Cheap Eats

  • Ting Thai Caravan.  Really amazing Thai food, that tastes far fresher and more authentic than some of its competitors.  Great lunch near uni campus for under a tenner although downside is they only take cash so plan ahead.
  • Chez Jules. Cute French restaurant in New Town.  Very rustic and great value for money- always generous with free salad and charcuterie.  (Lunch menu especially is such a bargain)
  • Nile Valley Wrap (sells a variety of customisable falafel wraps, all under £4.50, best wrap ever and really filling)
  • Pizza Posto (genuinely the best Pizza I’ve ever had, and just opposite Old College, although highly recommend the Basil Sauce from Dough, a rival pizzeria on the other end of Nicholson street)
  • BRGR (My friends laughed at me when I said I was including this but if you’re hungover a burger for 3 quid does the job.  (Much superior to Maccies and don’t have to trek to Princes Street)
£9.99 Steak and Frites from Chez Jules © Ella Hastings

Splashy Evening Meals

  • Dishoom (This small chain of Indian restaurants is amazing, its perfect for if you want to treat yourself or if your parents are in town)
  • El Cartel. There’s one by Potterow and one in New Town.  Both intimate restaurants with a small menu including tacos and ceviche. All intended as sharing dishes so great for birthday dinners and dates.  


  • The Caves (Expensive tickets but worth it!)
  • Cab Vol (Very sweaty but normally good nights here)
  • La Belle
  • Liquid Rooms (Huge venue all in one room, really good for more manic high energy nights and gigs)
  • Mash House (divisive- personally I think nights here always take a weird turn and when in the smoking area (which is shared with La Belle) I nearly always wish I was at La Belle)
  • Bongos (again, not my personal fave but others disagree.  Top marks for the smoking area though)
The Caves © Ella Hastings

Pubs (all in close proximity to uni)

  • Brass Monkey (Unique bar with a Film theme. Instead of tables and chairs drinks are served on leather beds which I found fun the first few times, and increasingly irksome from then on but definitely worth a visit. They also do movie screenings which are meant to be jokes.)
  • 32 Below (Good alternative to Southsider when its busy, and much cheaper than the neighbouring Pear Tree, this bar offers Beer Pong and a relaxed underground vibe)
  • Dog House (Bizarre but charming décor, this was one of my favourite bars within close proximity to my first year halls.  3 quid gin and tonics and cocktails for 6 quid for when I felt splashy.
  • Southsider (CHEAP but normally packed)
  • Pear Tree (great for when a game is on as the outside seating is huge, however wrap up WARM otherwise you’ll find yourself resentful of having spent a fiver on a pint and with rapidly numbing fingers)
  • Cold Town House (right next to Edinburgh castle serves beer and pizza, well worth sitting up on the roof terrace with a blanket and a pint)
© Copyright Thomas Nugent

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