‘This series of images was part of my final piece for my level 4 photography diploma, which I have just completed! As I originally planned to shoot a lot of my FMP on 35mm film and was unable to because of the lockdown, I decided to shoot on polaroid. This is something I did not have much experience with beforehand, apart from just messing around with it, which turned out to be really rewarding as I am constantly finding new ways to challenge myself. I chose to use my Polaroid Originals Onestep+ camera because of the freedom you have to shoot with it. It meant that creating self portraits was more experimental with the use of Bluetooth connection, a self-timer, double exposure, light painting, noise triggers and being able to set off the shutter from an app on my phone. ​

My main focus for these images was on the hair, makeup, costume and to create a ‘character’ who doesn’t look like me. These aspects were largely inspired by female self portrait photographer, Cindy Sherman. For my project I researched into why some self portrait photographers feel that their body is a canvas, on which they can create characters and explore individuality; and why for others, it’s a commentary on society, with the work picking apart stereotypes and gender roles. This style of photography can also be a visual expression of inner emotions or a photographic diary for some. I wanted to delve into the WHY of self-expression and the reason that different artists choose to explore this genre.’

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