Ines Martinez-Gutierrez is a young developing artist from London (Half Colombian, Half Spanish, born in North London)

'I don’t think about art when I’m working. I listen to people, I respond to a time and place, I work in the moment. How I feel is also reflected in the outcome. I can also identify with Barbara Hepworth’s words ‘I never draw what I see, I draw from what I feel inside’. However, external forces do also inspire me as I draw from surrounding conversations, sounds and space. Sometimes it doesn’t work like that, my thoughts could be blank, and I will start creating. I also listen to music and sounds which give out different waves and meanings. Sometimes I find myself subconsciously responding to something I have been reading. The stimulus or motivation might differ from piece to piece, but the common factor in all my creative practice is that I am doing it for myself, it is an obsession and I need to create. ​Although I claim to not to consider or are about how the work is received.’

‘Somehow my work doesn’t make any sense, but I do like to confuse people's concepts of thinking.’
‘My working process is insular, but my practice is outward looking and collaborative.’
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