Artist Statement

Erin Hambly is a young mix media artist from London. She specialises in film/photography, collage and painting. Her work is based around intimate and personal experiences, the relationship of the concept of external and internal self, and the body - creating works of abstract portraiture. She works at home, using her bedroom floor as her studio space as she likes to create art within personal and private spaces. She often experiments with her own body through her work, using it as a platform/medium for her concepts. Her current and most recent works can be found on @erinhamblh

Erin Hambly

Extracts from 'DIGITAL LOVE' (Zine, 2018)

‘I was really interested in the concept of conveying love and intimacy through text, through screens, through typing. I composed ‘Digital Love’ through extracting personal text messages I had sent and I had received on my phone Throughout the year, with those I was closest to - typing them up with a typewriter, then pairing the words with found imagery that I felt envisioned the feeling of each message. This piece is by far one of my most personal works, and I feel extremely emotionally attached to it. The process for me felt unlike any other experience I’ve had whilst creating art, it felt so honest and intimate and made me feel even slightly vulnerable. It was all created and formed all by hand within a day, the process was completely physical.’

Documenting human emotion. Love through a screen.

Extracts from Digital Love

Sketchbook/ Diary Works (2019)

‘I have always loved mixed media works, as I love taking something that already exists in the world completely out of context, and to reconstruct it and assign it with a new meaning through my own experiences. Text within collage is like poetry for me, I love to pair words and images together; to create a relationship between them, forming a visual narrative. My collage works are formed of both my own art and photography and extracts from non fictional books, magazines, newspapers and plays. I create using feeling and instinct completely and I often come back to old work and reconstruct it with a new concept. These are all scans from my personal sketchbook/diary - which is a collection of experimental works that I have been creating throughout the year. They are all abstract portraits and expressions of my own experiences. An on going project. A documentation of self.’

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