Best Places for shopping

  • Without a doubt down the North Lanes! Full of independent vintage shops like Snoopers Paradise, Flock and Wolf&Gypsie. The lanes are such a happy, friendly place full of amazing people.

Best place to get amazing clothes for a good price:

  • The London Road charity shops are super cheap (some are like one pound ninety nine for any item) and have crazy things donated by Brighton people.
  • There are also really good kilo sales in the Open Market on Saturdays

Places for good cheap eats

  • Balcony cafe, I think it's now called Kenny’s Rock and Soul Cafe is a classic, they do really good curly fries for a few pounds.
  • We Love Falafel is also really good, I recommend getting cheddar in your wrap, and eating it at the Pavilion Gardens.
  • For dinner, Easy Tiger is a super nice pub which serves curry (always vegan on a Monday) it's a bit pricier but so worth it.

We Love Falafel

Somewhere only locals know

  • The Green Door Store is a small club and music venue which is always full of Brighton students - it is one of the only clubs in Brighton which isn’t a chain.
  • Also the very sweet shops in the streets above the North Lanes for example
  • On Tidy Street the Tidy Street Store
  • On Upper Gardner street- Jimbo Art which does really sweet illustrated things.

Best pub

  • Hope and Ruin is really fun and does lots of activities like make a thing where you can win drinks
  • I also really like Marwoods which isn’t really a pub but a cafe/bar.
Hope and Ruin

Best place to to go out

  • As I mentioned earlier The Green Door Store is very Brighton and is super cheap entry and drinks, the music can be questionable at times.

Best day in Brighton for a night out

  • Friday as everything is full but much cheaper than a Saturday and the music is usually better.

Hidden beauty spots

  • Devils Dyke is just outside of Brighton and it is so beautiful, huge hills which are amazing to walk over, there is a really nice pub at the end which is incredible with a sunset.
  • It is not hidden at all but Brighton beach is really the most beautiful part of Brighton especially in summer when you can people watch the weird Brighton people.

You can’t say you’ve been to Brighton without:

  • Swimming at Brighton beach after a night out.

Best fish and chips

  • It’s not fish and chips but the chip shop up by the station, Belgium chips is unreal, they have loads of different sauces. 

The best charity shops

  • Definitely the London Road ones, Mind is my favourite as it is such a good charity.

Best place for tea and cake

  • The Flour Pot Bakery is really nice and has very good Free From selection but is pricey,
  • Presuming Ed’s is also very good, a bit less conventional.
The Flour Pot

Local musicians/ local up and coming bands in the area to listen to:

  • Opus kink are a local band who I really like, they are great to see live as their music is very danceable.

Best Brighton music venues:

  • The Haunt used to be my favourite however I haven’t been since it became Chalk and I’m not sure what it’s like any more.
  • The Concorde 2 is so fun, very sweaty but exciting.

Graphics by Skylar Warren

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