What is Lates?

Right now, Lates provides a space for young people to perform and exhibit their work. We collaborate with young musicians, artists, visual artists, photographers, filmmakers and all the different types of creators. We put nights on, currently, across London but hopefully we will expand in location and what Lates could be.

Why did you feel the need to create something like this?

As a musician myself, what was lacking in the London scene are spaces for young people to perform. Obviously, all around us there are constantly live music events but if you are a young underground musician, you will know how hard it is to get a set in a show - unless you have contacts or thoroughly involved in music management or a label.

What acts have performed at Lates?

God so many! In order of appearance: Molly Burman, Tapwaterlucy, ava zarate, Living Island, The Twist, Stepbrother, Muva, Honeyglaze, Martha AB. All too talented for their own good!

How do you choose your acts?

I kind of just listen. That sounds a bit obvious, but I listen to the music, to what people around me are listening to, to their recommendations and boom. It hasn't been that hard to choose acts because there are simply so many sick artists around. 

What’s the process of creating an event? 

I think, first is to work out the line-up - like what sounds are going to go well together and make just a perfect night. Then when I do that you think about the poster - what is the aesthetic of it and then what venue is perfect for it. Is it intimate? Is it big? How many people do you want coming? I talk about it with my friend Hamish- we come up with further ideas, how are we going to promote. Last time we did flyers and then with an artist called Evie, we did a limited series of t-shirts to help promote. Thankfully the night sold out!

How do you want people to come away from your events feeling?

I want people to come out feeling like they want to be involved, like 'I fuck with what these guys are doing - I want to be involved.' Live music, people coming together, talking, getting off their phones is just good and healthy. Providing a consistent event full of quality music and quality people is what I like doing and I wanna hear people saying 'I am definitely going to the next Lates!'

How would you describe the crowd that attend your events?

Creative people. Music lovers. Social people. People who like to dance. The fun kind of crowd.

What is your long-term aim?

That is for me to still not know and you to find out. Overall, I just want to expand it. Before Corona came about, I was given a slot for Lates on a new radio station- so that will be happening soon! I also want to get into maybe recording some live sessions to post or small videos interviewing artists/ area they are from/ their music.

If you could describe Lates in 3 words what would they be and why?


Why the name ‘Lates’?

Lates is an in-between of Late and Latest. Late in the evening I guess and the latest artists around. Sometimes I like the name, sometimes I don't.

What makes you different from other events?

Maybe collaborating with all the different arts, doing stuff for charity, more personal and easier to get into contact with. It's quite hard to know the exact different but there is something different.

If you could get three living young people to perform at Lates who would they be and why?

I could say three famous artists, but I am going to stick with the less known ones. A band called Kiki and the Tiger because they are just so sick, the music they make is just groovy and unique. A band called STIIR- they will definitely be performing soon, I adore them! And Danny, a very sick performer who will also be performing soon.

Do you ever feel nervous before an event? 

Naturally yes! But they have always gone so well, and I enjoy them so much. I get worried about how many people will come but then I know my friends so will so that’s at least a good 10! 

Would you say the events are more like a concert or club night or both!?

Both! Maybe not a club night but we did our recent event with a dj called Hamoosh at the end. It was so sick and have a few other dj's in mind for future events.

If someone wants to get involved what’s the best way to contact you?

Instagram @lateslateslates, Facebook Lates, Email latesatlates@gmail.com ! Will always reply to a message.

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