Parsley Palette is an up-and-coming music producer, curator and at times DJ. He has worked with the likes of Gucci, Dior, Dover Street Market, Selfridges and many more; creating custom made playlists and soundtracks. He is also an associated act with Tom Misch and Loyle Carner - he is only 18. DIXSY has a chat to find out a bit more about Parsley Palette and his journey.

Why the name Parsley Palette?

About a year ago I was struggling to find a name because my actual name - ***** ****** is quite plain, it’s got nothing to it. If you heard my name on the radio you would probably think he’s like everyone else. With Parsley Palette people are like - ‘what the fuck is Parsley Palette?’ It’s not like who is it, but more like what is it. It’s quite unique and also I love parsley, I don’t know many people that do. I also wanted something that rhymed or matched up someway in the way it sounded.

Parsley Palette

Can you name a few artists and companies you have worked with?

Dover Street Market, Dior, Gucci, Joe and the Juice, Selfridges, Iceberg. For big artists a lot of my work is highly confidential and I’m not really supposed to mention their names but high profile musicians.

How would you describe what you do?

I started off at 5 playing piano. I didn’t like being taught how to play so I dropped having lessons and then a couple years later picked it up again but self-taught. I then started to build how I perform - I now play drums, bass, sax. Then about 5 years ago I started to do production which definitely was where my passion was and also where my work currently lies. A lot of what I do now is music production for some big artists and brands, music curation and DJ as well but that just for fun.

How do you parents view you music route?

My parents are probably the best parents you could have. They care about me and want me to do my best. It’s not like I have to do law or do this. It’s do whatever you want to do, just be careful and we will nurture you.

With production were you taught at school or is it all self-taught?

No, I am at school now and studying music technology for A-level. I don’t want to come across as immodest but when I joined the school I was quite advanced already and I think I spent hours practising how to make one simple rhythm, like if I was in a studio and a rapper said can you give me this drunken swing rhythm I would be able to give it to them within a second because I had spent hours just practising that one rhythm. Starting it deleting it starting it deleting it, so I was pretty much self-taught in production.

What software do you use for production?

I use Logic but also Pro Tools for mixing and mastering.

Can you tell us some tracks that have inspired you?

Not so much individual pieces but a lot of jazz has definitely been a massive influence. Bill Evans - massive massive inspiration. In terms of beat making J Dilla, Kaytranada and Disclosure.

Would you say that you grew up in a musical household?

Nope. My family is relatively creative, but no one is actually in the creative industry. I am the only in my whole family including cousins. As far as it goes the only time music was in my family was 3 generations ago when my grandma played pianos for cinemas.

Growing up was there a particular moment or track that made you decide music is something I want to pursue?

Probably when I was about 13/14, I never really got into the nitty gritty of production and was just playing my instruments. Music is a very tough career and you have to either know a lot of people to succeed or be the best. I only ever saw playing music as a hobby and never as something I could achieve or be successful at. It only happened in the last 2-3 years that everything took off. A lot of my work is between fashion and artists. I would be going to events that I wasn’t invited to, being in the wrong place at the wrong time - that’s one of my motto’s. Let me give you an example, for Dover Street Market, I do music curation for them. I was at one of their events and was never invited, I got there really early, stayed in the bathrooms, came out when all the top people were there, lots of big designers like Molly Goddard and I went there and introduced myself to everyone, gave my cards out to everyone. Then didn’t hear back from anyone, then followed that up with emails and they were like ‘yeah, we love your music can you work with us or for us.’ So, only recently did I feel like this was a career but music has always been in my blood.

"being in the wrong place at the wrong time - that’s one of my motto’s"

Can you tell me a bit about your experience working with Gucci?

Gucci was a funny one. Actually, I posted something on my instagram page about a year ago with a Gucci runway show with my music playing. So, originally it was never my music, it was someone else’s, I just put my music to it. I tagged Gucci and a couple guys that I knew were involved with Gucci. They saw it, sent me some DMs - we like it but you have to take this down this isn’t real. Then we kept on corresponding and now I do some music curation for some of their events and videos.

How did Dover Street Market come about?

I went to Dover Street Market and asked a lady who does the music for the store as it was really indie like sometimes it was just raindrops which fucks knows why that’s playing. I was like that's easy money, she gave me the contact of this really lovely lady no actually sure what she looks like, I think she’s Japanese and she runs all the music curtain for DSM. She takes on board a bunch of young artists as well as old artists - anyone from different backgrounds and she picks the best music to be in store or runways shows - anything to do with DSM. I just got in contact with her, I rang her after school and was like - look I’ve got a bunch of music and am pretty new to this can I do something. She helped me out and there you go. I took up about 12% of the music between New York, London, Japan. That’s pretty good.

You are an associated act with Tom Misch can you explain that a bit?

A load of people ask me this and don’t believe me which is fair enough because how the fuck would an 18 year old kid be working with Tom Misch. Anyway, I actually met Tom in a studio, they had a problem with their section and I was in a separate session working with some artists. Someone came into the room I didn’t know - Tom Misch and was like ‘Hi guys, there is something wrong with one of the mics or something’ I went in to help them out, forgetting that these people I was working with were paying me to be in their session. I went into their room, fixed it in an instant and they were like ‘that’s pretty sick, do you play any instruments? What are you doing here- you quite young to be here.’ I told them how I was a music producer and my background. I think one of the session artists was playing in the back and I was like that sounds really nice. I got on the keyboard did a little jam and we jammed together. I just help him out now if he needs it. Not like full on playing their music but behind the scenes work.

You are also associated with Loyle Carner can you explain?

Yeah, so it was the same. He was in the same session, in the back of the room.

What A-levels are you doing?

So I moved to Fine Arts in Hampstead a few years ago. It’s the best school I’ve ever been to love the teachers love the atmosphere. I’m doing music technology, media and film.

What are your plans for university?

I’m off to America in August to do music production at Berklee College of Music. But regrettably because everything I have is here and only in the past 2 years has everything taken off so I’m leaving everything behind.

How has growing up in London impacted your music?

I went to a Jewish school when I was 12/13, and it was quite a bubble. You only knew Jews and that was it. When I moved to Fine Arts, I wouldn’t say it was a culture shock but you meet friends who aren’t Jewish. My musical tastes really developed there. When I was younger I would never listen to house or techno or DnB. I would only listen to Jazz not even classical. Now, I listen to all sorts of music. I love every sort of music and for me music is a form of freedom of expression and liberation of the mind. A lot of kids want to move to LA or America which is fair but I believe that everything is coming back to London.

New artists that we should keep an eye out for?

Danny - big stuff will come.

What is your longterm goal?

Probably just to do what I’m doing now but with more success and develop Goldi Lox.

You are the Founder and Music Director for Goldi Lox can you tell me a bit about that?

Goldi Lox is like a record label/ distribution company / agency. We are a creative family essentially. We are a collection of young creatives in the fashion or music industry who have their foot in what they are doing, so other kids like me who are really making use of their time - not just sitting around playing playstation, which I guess is fun, your not going to get anywhere doing that, unless you want to be a videogamer. We basically support, protect and help a lot of these artists and nurture their career because a lot of young creatives get taken advantage off. We are a tight knit group who all lean on each others backs.  

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