What got you into the 60s/70s?

My dad used to play this Beatles album called ‘The White Album’ when I was really young. A few years ago I heard one of the songs form it and was like ‘I remember that’ and so listened to the whole album and then I loved it and felt so nostalgic, got really into the Beatles and from there got into 60s Pop Culture, the models etc?

When did you start this?

Just before I turned 16, in November 2018. I listened to the Beatles, like I said, and I didn’t really want to dress like everyone else was dressing. It didn’t really feel me and I thought it would be boring to dress the same as everyone else.

© Connie Mclean

What is your all-time favourite Beatles track?

It’s from the White Album - While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

Who are your favourite 60s models?

Pattie Boyd, Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Jane Birkin and Sharon Tate

What inspires you?

I’m definitely into Mod Fashion which is the mid 60s. It was heavily inspired by Twiggy and where I get a majority of make-up tips from. But then, I also dyed my hair blonde because I’m a big Pattie Boyd fan and I love her classic beehive with flicks at the end and fridge as well - all the 60s models had fringes.

© Connie Mclean

How did you parents react to your decision to really embrace the 60s and 70s?

My mum loves it, she is super supportive, and my dad really likes it too. My grandma is REALLY really excited about it.

Describe your fashion style in 3 words

Bright, Short and Eccentric.

© Connie Mclean

If someone wanted to re-create your wardrobe what’s the best way of going about it?

I would say thrifting is your best bet but in England there aren’t that many thrift stores so it’s mostly charity shops. I mostly go on Etsy or Ebay and find vintage clothes from there. I also have lots of friends who own vintage clothing companies which I love but they can be a little more expensive.

If you could have 3 people from the 60s over for dinner who would you have any why?

Paul McCartney because he’s my biggest inspiration and I’m just such a huge fan of him. Pattie Boyd because again big inspiration and finally Sharon Tate an actress who was murdered in 1969. She was represented in Once Upon in Hollywood and is just such a cool girl, so kind and open but in the film industry she was really taken advantage of so I would love to hear about her life.

What are your plans for the future?

I am planning on continuing to do this 60s thing on Instagram whatever happens so I might plan my life around that but then also I don’t want to limit myself and not take other opportunities. I’m looking forward to doing shoots and collabs within the vintage community. I just go with the flow really.

© Connie Mclean

Do you see yourself continuing this aesthetic when you are in, say, your 50s?

I can never really tell but I get obsessed really quickly but I tend to stay in it, and I’ve had a couple of ‘obsessions’ but I really feel myself with it and can’t see myself changing.

Do you ever get complimented on the street?

Yeah, I get a lot of comparisons to some of my idols like Pattie Boyd, Brigette Bardot or France Gall, which is nice, but I don’t validate myself when I am compared to these people. It’s really nice when people say, ‘I love your style,’ ‘I love how you style this.’ Things like that are more personal.

How do you come up with content for your Instagram / following?

I have lots of Pinterest boards and look at poses from magazines in the 60s, watch documentaries and most of it is just style, posing, creating an outfit. I try and get more creative for YouTube and tutorials.

If you could dedicate your life to this aesthetic, would you?

Yeah, I think so. A lot of my life is evolved around it in many different ways: I’ve taken up Transcendental Meditation. When the Beatles went to India, it brought a lot of interest to the Indian culture in the late 60s and so I’ve been trying meditation. I’m involved in a lot of peace organisations and I’ve just been a lot happier.

How has embracing the 60s lifestyle impacted your mental health and well-being?

I think it’s really important to talk about mental health. I think when I found this, I found my niche and I found a way to connect to people. Every single day I get messages from people saying ‘how do you get the confidence to dress like this? I could never do it?’ It never really happened for me, I’m not naturally a very confident person but for me I had to do this. I would say to people, just do it as much as you feel comfortable. You don’t need to push yourself. You can say ‘just dress and be confident’ but people would panic, and you can’t just get confident. So, putting your own mental health and ideas first about how you want to be perceived and what’s going to make you happy before putting yourself out in the world can really help with your confidence.

If you could bring one thing back from the 60s, what would it?

This is kind of broad but interior design. In general I think the 60s had just the coolest clubs, bedrooms, bathrooms and everywhere was bright, modern and groovy. Just more exciting then now.

5 Tips for people who want to get into the 60s aesthetic?

  1. Find your style. The 60s is so broad it goes from the 50s fashion in the early 60s to the Mods, the Beatniks, the Hippies - you get everything so find the one you like. Obviously, you can go through different styles but find one that means the most to you and try and build your wardrobe around it.
  2. GoGo boots are really cool and iconic.
  3. Cool sunglasses are really funky and fun and a great way to accessories.
  4. Learn how to do a cut crease and eyeliner. Once you nail that, you can nail all 60s looks.
  5. Get some funky chunky earrings.

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