A couple of months ago I started a photography series entitled 'What are Our Priorities?'.

Focusing on how the streets of London were physically and visually transformed between the April & October Rebellions and the following months and posing the question of what reality we want to be existing in and what our priorities are.

Now, one year on from the first International Rebellion, when our world is going through the biggest transformation in years, if not ever, I have continued with this series.

© Talia W

We know that the current pandemic has come about as a result of our exploration and mistreatment of the natural world, animals and resources. We know that this is not the only crisis currently playing out due to these behaviours and so we must begin to ask ourselves; What world do we want to be living in? What are our priorities? How do we want to redefine normal?

The two rebellions that happened last year stood for so many things. One of the most significant of those being the possibility for change.

As we have seen numerous times throughout history, where groups have engaged in direct action and civil disobedience in order to push for societal change, people are capable of achieving extraordinary things through often quite simple means.

© Talia W

Now, more than ever, we must be reflecting on our roles as global citizens and the change that we are able to be part of. As our society becomes more strained and fragmented by the abuses of those in power we must continue to strive for this positive change.

We are at a pivotal moment in history, be that in reference to the climate crisis, the coronavirus pandemic, the ever worsening abuses of minority groups or the rise of the far right. Now more than ever we must realise the responsibilities we all have. We must acknowledge the intersections between all the threats currently faced. We must never stop asking ourselves; what are our priorities?

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